Lodge Officers 2017 – 2018

Worshipful Master

Anthony Librizzi


The Square teaches us to regulate our actions, and to harmonize our conduct by the principles of morality and virtue. The Worshipful Master cannot be insensible to the obligations which devolve upon him. The honor, reputation, and usefulness of his Lodge will depend upon the skill and ability with which he manages its concerns. It is his duty to preside over and direct the Lodge’s ceremonies, preserve the ancient landmarks of the Fraternity, and permit no innovation in its principles or rites.

Upon all suitable occasions, he must remind the Brethren that Masonry is founded upon the great moral principles set forth in the Sacred Volume, which we receive as the rule and guide for our faith and practice. He will exhort them to govern themselves by these principles, as well with the world at large with each other. He teaches them to reverence the Three Great Lights, the Holy Bible, the perfect Square, and the extended Compasses, which embrace the most important duties inculcated by our Fraternity.

The leading objects of our Fraternity are to promote morality, to keep men honest and upright, true to their God, and faithful to their country, and to unite them by the strong bonds of charity, friendship, and brotherly love.

Great care, therefore, should be taken in admissions to membership lest, by the introduction of bad material, the Fraternity be corrupted. It should ever be borne in mind that the respectability.

Senior Warden

William Flores


The Level teaches that we are descended from the same stock, partake of the same nature, and share the same hope; that we are all children of one Father, heirs of the same infirmities, and exposed to the same vicissitudes.

It also reminds us, that although distinctions among men are necessary to perform the work of the world, no eminence of station should make us forget that we are Brethren, and that in the Lodge and our Masonic associations, we are on the level. The Level teaches us that a time will come when all distinctions but that of goodness will cease, and death, the leveler of human greatness, will reduce us to the same state.

The Senior Warden’s regular attendance at the stated and other meetings of the Lodge is necessary. In the absence of the Worshipful Master, the Senior Warden is to govern the Lodge, and in his presence assist him in its government: Hence the necessity of preparing himself for the important duties which may devolve upon him.

Junior Warden

Anthony Rosado


The Plumb admonishes us to walk uprightly in our several stations, to do unto others as we would have others do unto us, to observe the just medium between intemperance and pleasure, and make our conduct conform to the line of duty.

In the absence of the Worshipful Master and Senior Warden, upon him devolves the government of the Lodge, but to him is especially committed the superintendency of the Craft during the hours of refreshment.

It is, therefore, necessary that he be temperate and discreet in the indulgence of his own inclinations, and that he carefully observe that none of the Craft convert the purposes of refreshment into intemperance or excess


Miguel Feliz


It is the duty of the Treasurer to keep a faithful account of all money received for the use of the Lodge, and pay it out upon the order of the Worshipful Master, with the consent of the Lodge. Your own honor, and the confidence the Brethren repose in you, will inspire you to that faithfulness in the discharge of the duties your office which its important nature demands.


Michael P. Winkler


It is the duty of the Secretary to keep a correct record of the proceedings of the Lodge, to receive all money and pay it into the hands of the Treasurer, and to issue summonses at the Worshipful Master’s direction. Your love for the Craft and attachment to the Lodge will induce you to cheerfully discharge the duties of your office. In so doing, you will merit the esteem of your Brethren.


Mario Kelesy


It is the Chaplain’s duty to perform those solemn services which we should constantly render to our Infinite Creator, and which, when offered by one whose profession is “to point the way to Heaven and lead the way”, may, by refining our souls, strengthening our virtues, and purifying our minds, prepare us for admission into the society of those above, with whom our happiness will be endless and perfect.

Senior Deacon

Haskell Greenidge


It is the Senior and Junior Deacon’s duty to attend on the Worshipful Master and Wardens, to act as their proxies in the active duties of the Lodge, such as the introduction and accommodation of visitors. These duties are entrusted to their care, with confidence in their vigilance and attention.

Junior Deacon

Carlos Luna


It is the Senior and Junior Deacon’s duty to attend on the Worshipful Master and Wardens, to act as their proxies in the active duties of the Lodge, such as the introduction and accommodation of visitors. These duties are entrusted to their care, with confidence in their vigilance and attention.

Masters of Ceremony

Jean-Marc Feder
Sully Fernandez


The Masters of Ceremony, as proxies for the Senior Deacon, are to see that candidates for the several degrees are duly and truly prepared. In the preparation room they are to permit no levity, but are expected to conduct their work therein so as to leave an impression on the minds of those seeking Masonic “Light”, that our institution is dignified and refined, and that its ceremonies have, in reality, symbolic meaning of lofty significance.


Charles Williams
Jose Liz


The Stewards are to assist the Senior Deacon and Masters of Ceremony when requested, in conducting candidates and to so provide for the Craft while at refreshment, that the harmony and decorum thereof shall not be disturbed, and when labor shall be resumed, that the Master may have honor, and the Craft pleasure and profit therefrom.


Jose Ruiz


It is the Marshal’s duty to have charge of and conduct the processions of the Lodge, and to assist the Senior Deacon whenever that officer may require his services. On all such occasions the good order that may be displayed mainly depends upon his zeal, knowledge and discretion.


Evan Brandford


The Sword is in the hands of the Tiler to enable him to guard against the approach of cowans and eaves-droppers, and to suffer none to pass, or repass, except such as are duly qualified. His regular and punctual attendance will afford the best proof of his zeal for the Institution.

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