Masonic Quotes

Masonic Quotes


Freemasonry is a beautiful system of morality, veiled in allegory, and illustrated by symbols.

The grand object of Masonry is to promote the happiness of the human race.
George Washington – President of the United States

“We have all the light we need, we just need to put it in practice.
Albert Pike

Freemasonry is an ancient and respectable institution, embracing individuals of every nation, of every religion, and of every condition in life. Wealth, power and talents, are not necessary to the person of a Freemason. An unblemished character and virtuous conduct are the only qualifications for admission in to the Order.

We represent a fraternity which believes in justice and truth and honorable action in your community…men who are endeavoring to be better citizens…[and] to make a great country greater. This is the only institution in the world where we can meet on the level all sorts of people who want to live rightly.
Harry S. Truman – President of the United States

There is no doubt in my mind that Masonry is the cornerstone of America.
Dave Thomas – Founder of Wendy’s International

Charity, or brotherly kindness, is as much a Masonic as it is a Christian virtue.
Rev. Dr. Slade

Masonry is one of the most sublime and perfect institutions that ever was formed for the advancement of happiness, and the general good of mankind, creating, in all its varieties, universal benevolence and brotherly love.
Duke of Sussex

Masonry is an art, useful and extensive, which comprehends within its circle every branch of useful knowledge and learning, and stamps an indelible mark of preeminence on its genuine professors, which neither chance, power, nor fortune can bestow.

I have ever felt it my duty to support and encourage the principles of Freemasonry, because it powerfully develops all social and benevolent affections.
Lord Durham<

Freemasonry is a science of symbols, in which, by their proper study, a search is instituted after truth—that truth consisting in the knowledge of the divine and human nature, of God and the human soul.
Dr. AG Mackey

Freemasonry is an institution founded on eternal reason and truth; whose deep basis is the civilization of mankind, and whose everlasting glory it is to have the immovable support of those two mighty pillars, science and morality.
Dr. Dodd

Freemasonry is an order whose leading star is philanthropy, and whose principles inculcate an unceasing devotion to the cause of virtue and morality.
La Fayette

Everything which tends to combine men by stronger ties is useful to humanity; in this point of view, Masonry is entitled to respect.
La Lande

Freemasonry is an establishment founded on the benevolent intention of extending and conferring mutual happiness upon the best and truest principles of moral life and social virtue.

Freemasonry embraces the highest moral laws and will bear the test of any system of ethics or philosophy ever promulgated for the uplift of man.
Douglas MacArthur – General of the Army

Freemasonry is an institution calculated to benefit mankind.
Andrew Jackson – President of the United States

From its origin to the present hour, in all its vicissitudes, Masonry has been the steady, unvarying friend of man.
Rev. Erastus Burr

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